hindi hridyasthali men jasoosi upanyason v inke pathkon ka ek samaajik itihaas (A social history of the  detective novels  and their readership in the hindi heartland.)
Abstract: This paper tries to look into the issues related to publishing,writing and reading of the hindi jasoosi upanyas( detective  fictions) from its  begining  in Hindi in the late 19th century. How did professionalization of the writer-publisher create a regular demand in terms of readership and ensured supply? How this genre helped professional writer-publishers in negotiating or comprehending their present? And the changing publishing scene.

Bio: Kamal K Mishra is a student of history, currently doing his M.Phil. from Delhi University. He is a translator and the areas of his interest are commercial publishing and the Hindi belt.

Email: kamal_bhu @ rediffmail.com