Identities and Aspirations of Tibetan Youth in New Delhi

Abstract: My research report titled ‘Identities and Aspirations of Tibetan Youth in Delhi’ is a sociological exploration of the said issue and builds upon my Ph.D research titled “Education of Tibetan Refugees in India: Issues of Culture; Ethnic Identity and Opportunity” in ZHCES, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. I have looked at this issue through exploration of secondary literature; discussions and semi-structured interviews with Tibetan youth, pursuing their Graduation from Delhi University and residing in a hostel, called the Tibetan Youth Hostel in Rohini, New Delhi. Their identities and aspirations, seem to be living, processual entities as well as part of a product of their past socialization at school and/or families or both. The youth, seen as a heterogeneous group, seem to want to preserve their core cultural values and ethnic identity, while, at the same time, being influenced by waves of globalization and Mcdonaldization in the city of Delhi.
Bio: Mallica is a Ph.D research scholar at the Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.Her area of specialization is Sociology of Education and her thesis deals with the issue of Tibetan refugees in India wherein she explores the inter-linkages between education, culture and identity of the former in India. Her research interests include issues of peripheral, marginal and liminal identities of refugees; internally displaced people alongwith women and children. She has worked as Social Worker (for UNHCR, India); Gender Trainer (for Center for Social Research, New Delhi) and Consultant (for Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi).She has written and published papers on issues of education; refugee children and street girls in Delhi.