Vending as Vernacular: Depicting Street Sales and Services through Sequential Art

Abstract: In our project we conducted interviews with various streetside vendors and craftsmen in New Delhi. Due to language and other difficulties we were unable to achieve the level of detail we had originally envisioned as the basis of our work. We spoke to a wide range of vendors, aiming to document their skill sets, the tools and rules of their trade, methodology, income, personal history, etc. The results of our research are still in the process of being turned into a comic, but one that has become increasingly fictionalized, though they still use the conversations as basis for a series of visual narratives.
Lakshmi IndraSimhan grew up in Kuwait, India, the Philippines, the US and Japan. She graduated with degrees in Political Philosophy and Fine Arts from Bryn Mawr College in 2002. Now she writes, draws and spends much time in her flat. She collects textiles. This summer she will have a short artist’s residency at Point Ephemere in Paris. She lives in Delhi. lindrasi @

Jacob Weinstein was the art director of The Philadelphia Independent. He is currently the designer of The Common Review. He was recently awarded an artist’s residency at the Cite Internationales des Artes in Paris. He lives in Delhi. jacobmweinstein @

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