Home Street Home: A Street Child Survival Guide for Delhi

Hanuman Mandir, http://foggyfroggie.blogspot.com/

Abstract: Delhi is considered to have a fairly high population of street children and there exists an extensive formal support network for them. However lots of localized informal arrangements and systems have also evolved over time to facilitate survival on the streets. The aim is to cross communicate, that is to prepare a guide which makes a street child more aware of all the formal facilities available for him in terms of work options, health, education, shelter etc and compile a reverse guide for the likes of us, to make us more aware of the undercurrents of life on the streets so that the systems developed to facilitate the children of the street can be more effective.

A booklet containing maps and pictorial information about NGOs, what they provide for, government hospitals, educational facilities, bus routes, rights etc. A take on street life as I have gathered over the past 11 months, to get an idea of how wide a gap exists between what is required and what is being provided for.  Archival material to be submitted (apart from guide): Photographs, maps/sketches made by children, film footage on the process of map making, feedback on the guide, etc.

Bio: An architect, working in Delhi for the past four years. Presently, site architect and part of the project management and LEED certification team for Development Alternatives Headquarters building (under construction). Dabbled in photography and film making, having recently taken pictures for a DUAC exhibition on Delhi. Currently working on a film on street children and their relationship with the city, based on my research for Sarai.

email: anjalijyoti@yahoo.com