Arshad Amanullah, New Delhi
Journalism in Madrasas and Madrasas in Journalism

Daljit Ami, Chandigarh
Celluloid and Compact Disks in Punjab

Maitrey Bajpai, Mumbai

Samit Basu, New Delhi
The Trousers of Time: Possible Futures of Indian Speculative Fiction in English

Rudradeep Bhattacharjee, Mumbai
Freedom in Cyberspace in the Context of India: Video documentary

Tushar Bhor, Mumbai
Water Lenses: Prelude for New Imagination for Urban Water in Mumbai

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Kolkata
Bishnupur Gharana: Story of a Forgotten Melody: Restoring the sound of Bishnupur Gharana

Averee Chaurey, Delhi
The Song of the Baul

Ayesha Sen Choudhury, Kolkata
Locating Sexuality Through the Eyes of Afghan and Burmese Refugee Women in Delhi

Dilip D’Souza, Mumbai
Village in the city: Bombay in microcosm

Uddipana Goswami, Guwahati
City as Setting: Reflections of the Changing Faces of Guwahati in Assamese Literature

Peerzada Arshad Hamid, Anantnag
Psychiatry hospital / srinagar

Rakshat Hooja, Jaipur
Urban Stakeholder Activism and the Role of Resident Welfare Associations: A Case study of how the problems of water supply have led to the creation/strengthening of Stake Holder Platforms/Institutions in select Colonies of New Delhi and jaipur

Farhana Ibrahim, Gurgaon
Maritime Histories: Merchant Networks and the Production of Locality in Western India

Lakshmi IndraSimhan, New Delhi
Vending as Vernacular: Depicting Street Sales and Services through Sequential Art

Anjali Jyoti, New Delhi
Home Street Home: A Street Child Survival Guide for Delhi

Sunandan K.N., New Delhi
Workshop Boys of Coimbatore: A Study of City and Tacit Knowledge

Akshay Khanna, New Delhi
Apni Jagah, Zarah Hut Ke: A “Staged Ethnography” of Space and Sexuality

Naresh Kumar, New Delhi
Festival of Music in the City of Sports: Harballab Sangeet Mela of Jalandhar

Rajesh Kumar K, Trivandrum
Ethnography of Teyyam Performance – as practitioner – case study

Udaykumar M , New Delhi
Making sense of a ‘real’ incident: applicant unravels an incident involving temple entry that was covered by a camera crew

Mallica, New Delhi
Identities and Aspirations of Tibetan Youth in New delhi

Mamta Mantri, Mumbai
Theatres On and Around Maulana Shaukat Ali Road in Mumbai

Abhinandita Mathur, New Delhi
My building and the Shahar

Rajesh Mehar, Bangalore
Exploring notions of creative ownership among contemporary musicians in

Veena Naregal,

John Patrick Ojwando, Bangalore
An exploration of the experiences of Afro students on the South Asian Subcontinent

Janice Erica Pariat, New Delhi
The Notion of Home and Urban Space: Creative Writing

Sudipta Paul, West Bengal
Response of the labour force to the changing urban formation in Asansol industrial area

Dripta Piplai, New Delhi
Documenting Tunes: Hegemony of Calcutta Music Schools in Tagore Songs: Towards an archiving for preserving ‘multiple traditions in Rabindrasangeet’

Vasundhara Prakash, New Delhi
15 Seconds of Fame: Extras in Bollywood

Nithya V Raman, Chennai
Disaster Politics: An examination of tsunami relief in Chennai

Kaushiki Rao, New Delhi
Transplanting the Urban Aesthetic in a Resettlement Colony in Delhi

Rinchin, Bhopal
Tracing the History of Girl’s Education in small rural town through the eyes of its first woman teacher

Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed, Chennai
Indian Print Media and its Reportage on Fatwas

Nirupama Sekhar, Mumbai
Urban Stories: A Collection of Graphic Essays on the City of Mumbai

Debjani Sengupta, New Delhi
Colony Fiction: Refugee Colonies and their Representation in Post-Partition Kolkata

Aman Sethi, New Delhi
Seeking alternative ways and means of representing the “poor and oppressed” by studying informal networks at labour mandis in Delhi

Ram Murthi Sharma, UNA, Himachal
Content Analysis of Magazines in Braille

Parismita Singh, New Delhi
Babel in Humayunpur: The Gift of Difference (comic book exploring migrant experience)

Sidharth Srinivasan, New Delhi
A photoroman feature film, a love story intertwined with the myth and folklore of Delhi’s heritage sites

Sheba Tejani, Mumbai
Queer Cityscapes: exploring mumbai cityscapes through eyes of two queer women (audiovisual)

Indu Verma, Mumbai
Society and the Soap Factory